Make it Usable

Nothing is more satisfying than making a valuable product packaging in ways other than those intended by the manufacturer. Product packaging will make a product memorable if it is helpful to the consumer long after the product has been used.

Example: Some chocolate product packaging is shaped like a ball packed with chocolates inside, which is an attractive container for the product’s ultimate customers, the youngsters. The ability to use a package for attracting consumers is its additional advantage. Once a kid understands that they will receive a ball for playing with after eating chocolates, they will be more likely to purchase the ball in the future. Not only youngsters but adults also like buying products with an extra advantage.

Make it User-Friendly

Specific packaging is designed exclusively for a single product. As a result, it should be created in such a manner that it demonstrates its relationship with the product. Suppose the packaging does not accurately represent the complementing relationship between the product and the packaging. In that case, it may significantly reduce the product’s sales. When ketchup was packaged in glass bottles, it was almost always a hassle for the consumer.

A company launched their compressible upside-down packaging for ketchup. It saw a significant increase in sales just as a result of the complementary packaging design. Consequently, you must develop package design concepts for your product that are both innovative and product-friendly.

Introduce a Few Limited Editions

While impulsive purchasing is seen negatively by customers, you must encourage it if you’re on the seller’s side. Keep an eye on the industry and offer some limited-edition packaging that reflects current trends. For instance, if it’s football season, offer a limited edition football-themed creative packaging to encourage impulsive purchases among football fans.

Be Exceptional

Exceptions to recognized norms are usually a good idea to shake up the monotony. However, when breaking the rules, keep an eye out for the correct path. Almost every industry adheres to some set of predefined norms. For instance, shoes are packaged in cardboard boxes, toothpaste is packaged in tubes, and so on.

If you can disrupt your industry’s rules and create a novel package, your product will never go ignored. However, it is critical to avoid undermining the complementary relationship between the product and its packaging when deviating from the standard.

Maintain A Simple and Hassle-Free Approach

While performing creative labor such as designing a product box or label, keep in mind the adage – less is more! While it is beneficial to be innovative while creating, be cautious of overdoing it. The box, as well as the label, should be simple and uncluttered. Maintaining a clean label does not imply concealing essential information. Provide all necessary information on your product’s packaging, but avoid becoming overly creative.

Maintain Consistent Market Trends

Many things generate buzz and become fashionable in today’s social media age. Keep abreast of such trends and integrate them into the design of your packaging and labels. Utilize the excitement generated by films and the media to increase the sales of your goods. Consumers get drawn to your product when you capitalize on a trend, thus boosting your product’s sales.


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