Photo Book Printing Equipment

The Deal Between HP and Shutterfly

“HP Wins Five-Year Shutterfly Deal—Accelerates Digital Print Momentum” (published on 08/17/17 as a press release by HP and Shutterfly) references the second phase of Shutterfly’s adding HP Indigo 12000 digital printers to its equipment for the photo products it produces and sells. The article notes that HP is the preferred provider for this multi-phase rollout of digital custom printing equipment and that this initiative retires the digital presses that Shutterfly had been using for their photo books.

From a product-oriented perspective, the press release notes that Shutterfly will use the equipment to “produce a range of high-quality, personalized products and gifts including photo books, calendars, custom stationery, cards, and keepsakes.”

The article then shifts to the output quality and flexibility of the equipment, saying, “The 29-inch format HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press enables production of these products through offset matching digital color with true photo quality, high productivity, and wide versatility on an unmatched range of media including synthetic, metalized, and canvas applications.”

What’s the Emotional Hook Behind the Products and Quality?

Enrique Lores, President, Imaging & Printing Business, HP Inc, notes that “People click on what they like, but print what they love.”

The press release encourages companies to use the technology to engage with their customers and to help people explore their creativity, connect with other people, personalize their photo products, and “share life’s joy” (Dwayne Black, Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, Shutterfly, Inc.).