Prepare for opportunities in 2019

Prepare for opportunities in 2019

Could 2019 be the year where Malaysians from all walks of life finally catch the break that they have been waiting for? No, if developments so far this year are any indication.

The ringgit’s continued depreciation, a less than favourable GDP growth rate projection and a soft property market outlook indicate that there could be more pitfalls and valleys to navigate in the new year.

For investors, the ongoing China-US trade tensions and depreciating emerging market currencies have stirred up a storm in global financial markets and engulfing investors in a sea of uncertainty.

The market will likely remain volatile until the issues are resolved.

Meanwhile, the strength of the US dollar against regional currencies will continue to put regional markets under pressure.

So, how should an individual investor prepare for 2019?

In order to effectively grow wealth in a volatile and uncertain environment, one must have in place an investment and wealth management strategy. Importantly, the strategy should encompass one’s own unique circumstances. In short, you’d need a guide that would help you stay focus and get back on track to reach your unique financial freedom goals amidst all the noise and distractions.

Based on my experience, there is no better way than building your own personalised roadmap to financial freedom.

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