Printer Ink: Everything You Need To Know

Why Is Printer Ink So Expensive?

Part of the reason is so printer manufacturers can recoup some of the losses they incur selling you the printer in the first place. Printers are often sold at or below cost, with the idea manufacturers will make more money selling you ink or toner over the life of the printer. 

How Printer Ink Is Made

Printer ink is made in a fashion similar to paint. Colored dyes are added to a liquid base and mixed well. The base ingredient of printer ink is usually oil; either linseed oil, soybean oil, or a petroleum distillate. Carbon black and varnish are combined to make basic black ink. 

Different Types Of Printer Ink

Standard desktop inkjet printers use inks made from a mixture of water, dyes or pigments, and additives. Water-based inks are used with thermal inkjet printers. Additives give ink luster and fade-resistance, as well as helping it adhere to paper.

In addition to ink specially formulated for thermal inkjets and piezoelectric printers, ink formulas vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even model to model.


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