Printer maintenance explained: Get the most out of your photo printer

Printer maintenance might not be the most exciting aspect of photography, but if you want to keep producing high quality photo prints, it’s a necessity. We’ve rounded up the top printer maintenance tips to help you extend your printer’s lifespan.

If there was ever a time when being able to produce quality photo prints at home was of great benefit it is now. Many of us have basic photo printers available, which while incapable of the same level of detail as dedicated A3 photo printers like the Epson XP-970, can offer an affordable solution for general printing needs.

Regardless of the type and technical level of the printer in use however, where the printing media are the same, a similar maintenance procedure is necessary for the long-term upkeep of the unit. This includes ensuring the ink delivery system is kept free of dried pigment or foreign particles, the paper management features are clean and free from residues and the overall internal and external workings are aligned and fully functional.

  1. Printing frequency

With inkjet printers continuous usage is a key factor in avoiding nozzle blockages. If a printer is left unused for extended periods, where there is no ink passing through the print heads, ink residues can dry on the nozzles and prevent free ink flow in future. Never leave a printer for longer than a month without creating a test print, to keep the system working.

  1. Head cleaning

While a commonly known maintenance procedure, many of us fail to perform head cleaning at the correct times. If you are using your printer often you may not have to use head cleaning as regularly, since ink is continuously moving. However if you see colour shifts, notice lines running across your print, or have to leave your printer for a while, run a head clean before making a final print.

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