With an experience of over 10 years in books, card games, educational games and many others, this is our specialization. Custom made novelties that require handworks is a common feature which we are skilled in. Examples of such are board books, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, pop-ups and etc.

We are continuously exploring new ventures for creativity and innovation in terms of designs and ideas that would capture the hearts and minds of any child. Our extensive lists of global clientele are all over in the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Our list of major children book publishers includes:

  • Allied Publishing- USA
  • Anness Publishing - UK
  • Creations for Children International- Belgium
  • Dami Editore- Italy
  • Fernleigh Books- UK
  • Reader’s Digest Children Publishing - USA and UK
  • Simon and Schuster - USA
  • The Learning Journey International – USA
  • Tormont Publishing - Canada
  • Waldman Publishing - USA