Special Finishes makes print outstanding

Sometimes you just want that little bit extra for your print. Whether it’s adding some sparkle to your Wedding Suite, giving your Flyers a high-end look, or just wanting your Business Cards to stand head and shoulders above the rest – there’s a Special Finish for you.

Discover how to make your next project truly unique with these five Special Finishes.

Spot UV
Special Finishes Spot UV
If you want certain elements of your print to really stand out, you can’t go wrong with Spot UV.

Created by adding varnish to your design and then hardening it with a UV lamp, this finish adds a subtle shine to parts of your design that will truly wow when it catches the light.

Reducing the glare that would come from a more traditional glossy finish, Spot UV works on a whole array of colours but looks especially dramatic on a dark or matte background.

White Ink
White Ink

The fabulous fifth colour in our printing process (after CMYK), we carefully add layer upon layer of our specialised White Ink until you’ve got a bright white shade on your print.

Once only achievable by leaving areas of your design blank, but now a highly sought-after finish for print, this striking colour can add that extra dimension to your design and is available on six pigmented papers.

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