Stop Wasting Time. Prioritize What Your Business Values

Many entrepreneurs and executives struggle with their priorities.

As their businesses grow or they rise within a larger company, they must review more and more information in multiple inboxes.

It becomes all but impossible to keep on top of everything.

Ryan Gallagher is the founder and CEO of iovox. This call service and provider employs 32 people in Sydney, Paris, London and San Francisco and helps entrepreneurs and executives improve their productivity via call tracking and analytics.

Prior to founding iovox, Gallagher worked at a senior level in several large businesses and enterprises.

He found that managers in these companies struggled to keep on top of business-critical information, much less move their organizations forward.

“The worst thing is people who go into meetings every week, and it’s like Groundhog Day. They don’t remember what was decided last time,” he said.

If this is happening in your business or organization, consider these three approaches.

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