The 7 Best Black and White Printers for Business in 2021

When it comes to technology, more functionality doesn’t always translate into a better experience for the end-user. While color printers may seem inherently superior due to their ability to print in full color, black and white printers are the superior choice for many home office workers. Black and white printers are far less expensive to operate, and they often offer faster print and scan speeds than their color counterparts. 

According to market research consulting firm IndustryARC manager Akshay Reddy, “The high cost of ink for color printers (two to three times as much as monochrome printers) has been a major proponent of this niche market for black and white printers […] The low-end home printer market will have a major demand for monochrome printers due to the lower ink cost per page. This cost difference is also prevalent in commercial printing applications where the price is a significant factor of consideration.”


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