The 9 Best Inkjet Printers for Business in 2021

Inkjet printers are ideal for businesses with less demanding printing work but have photo and other heavy color art and graphics reproduction needs. Inkjet photo-printing superiority, an aspect even the best laser printers find challenging, is handy for operations such as for real estate agencies, car dealerships, galleries, and more. 

One function neatly divides the inkjet world: those that run on familiar ink cartridges, and ink tank models with ink reservoirs that need to be filled only around once a year. Standard cartridge inkjet models are recommended only for businesses with low or occasional printing needs since ink cartridges need to be frequently replaced. Tank-based printers are better for most businesses since their maintenance needs and per-page costs are lower. Once you determine what and how much you’ll be printing and what your primary needs are, you’ll be able to narrow your choice to one or two models. Here are the best inkjet printers for business needs. 


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