The Best Emerging Real Estate Markets In Europe For 2019

The Best Emerging Real Estate Markets In Europe For 2019

As Europe watches the clock tick down to Brexit in a mere six weeks time, all eyes are on the property markets in the major European cities. With companies leaving the United Kingdom to set up shop elsewhere, new centers of commerce will emerge on the European continent and property investors are scrambling to predict where they should allocate resources before local prices become out of reach. One thing is certain, the markets that will see the greatest profit growth will cross the tipping point very quickly. This is not a case of start-ups moving into locations because the rent is cheap. These are established organizations with a global presence that need access to major airports and a skilled workforce. They will bring deep pockets and big salaries to the cities where they invest and the housing markets will adapt rapidly. LeadingRE, a consortium of almost 600 international real estate brokerages in 70 countries, keeps tabs on how all of their markets are performing and they provided data exclusively to Forbes on the ‘secondary’ markets in Europe that saw the most growth last year.

“Whilst London, Geneva, Paris and Monaco continue to command Europe’s highest property prices, other cities are emerging as increasingly popular with international buyers, offering excellent investor returns,” Chris Dietz, Executive Vice President, in an email. “Our increasing popularity in emerging European markets is testament to the growing importance of international investors in these cities.”

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