The Importance of Offset Printing For A Business

What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing techniques have been widely used in industries that require high-quality printing results. For example, the magazines, books, newspapers, brochures and stationery industry that you have often come across. In the process, the material to be printed is transferred from a plate to a rubber layer and then printed on the surface of the material.

Because printing with the offset printing technique uses wet ink, it takes a drying time that is not instantaneous after the printing process is complete. Apart from that, here are the advantages of printing with offset techniques for your business.

More printing capabilities

Printing with offset printing techniques is not exactly simple or easy. Although the material files to be printed are already on the computer, printing them on the material cannot be automated. It takes a process of transferring from a digital file to a metal plate so that it can then be printed on the material. The paint used is wet paint, so it requires a long drying time.

However, this extra effort is in line with its printability which is capable of meeting large scale needs. When the material has been transferred to the metal plate, this plate will be used to print the colors from the text and images onto the material.

Each time the offset machine operator controls the ink flow by turning a knob to ensure print quality remains at optimal levels. This means, the printing process will not be

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