The Importance of Offset Printing for a Business

What is Offset Printing?
Offset printing techniques have been widely used in industries that require high-quality printing results. For example, the industry of magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, and stationery that you often find. In the process, the material to be printed is transferred from a plate to a rubber layer and then printed on the surface of the material.

Because printing with the offset printing technique uses wet ink, it takes a non-instant drying time after the printing process is complete. Apart from that, here are the advantages of printing with offset techniques for your business.

More printing capabilities

Printing with offset printing techniques is indeed not simple or easy. Although the material file to be printed already exists on the computer, it cannot be automatically printed on the material. It takes a process of transferring from a digital file to a metal plate and then it can be printed on the material. The paint used is also wet paint, so it takes a long time to dry.

However, this extra effort is commensurate with its printability which is capable of meeting large-scale needs. When the material has been transferred to a metal plate, this plate will be used to print the colors from the text and images onto the material.

With each print, the offset machine operator will control the ink flow by turning a dial to ensure print quality remains at an optimal level. This means, the printing process will not be interrupted. Although in large quantities, it can still be done in a shorter time with consistent quality.

More cost effective

One of the main advantages of offset printing when compared to other printing, including digital printing, is the low cost for high-quality prints. In fact, the more orders you have for offset printing, the cheaper it will be.

High print quality at affordable prices is very possible in the offset printing industry. As long as the material, content, and design to be printed are the same, the printing costs will be saved.

This is because one design file requires only one printed metal plate. When it is molded into metal plates, then the plates are used in mass production. The process, the computer creates an image on the plate, then the plate is used to print the image many times on the selected media.

Various choices of printing materials

When you use a regular printer to print, the media that can be selected is limited to paper. Of course this will be difficult when you want to print material on top of another material. However, if you use an offset printing machine to print, it means you have more choices of print media.

Offset printing machines can accommodate printing materials on a variety of media. For example, printing on leather, cloth, various kinds of paper and card stock, vinyl, plastic, wood, to metal. You can create unique projects for business promotion on media that are not limited to paper. Just submit the material to be printed along with the desired media, then the offset printing industry will do it for you.

Guaranteed image quality

By choosing offset printing you can expect high quality, sharp, and clear images. However, this good print quality needs to be supported by high-resolution design files as well. Because, it will not be possible for high-quality offset prints but low-resolution digital designs.

As long as your design files are of high quality, offset printing can be used to manually set and search for colors. For example, matching colors with the Pantone matching system and mixing colors in the same palette. When you have got the desired color mixing, the operator will print the file.

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