Tips to Improve Your Website

What makes a website great?

Use white space

Let’s start with a basic principle of graphic design: don’t use the whole page. The space around your content is as important as the content itself. Giving your content space to breathe makes your site more legible, and allows your users to focus on what’s important.

This is a principle that plenty of amateur website designers forget about. That’s understandable – after all, you are probably keen to showcase all the great services and products you can offer to your potential customers – but it’s a mistake nonetheless.

Focus on your content marketing strategy

Many of the tips that follow will emphasize small details, and making sure that your site is fast, secure, and consistent. Paying attention to these smaller issues is important, but make sure you don’t lose sight of your marketing strategy and the role of your website within it. Ultimately, your website maintenance costs should be justified against your business strategy.

The most common problem in this regard is for companies to put too much information on their site’s homepage. While your managerial structure and company history infographics might be interesting to you, your customers are unlikely to be as interested as you are. The screen readers on your site to see if your services or products can help them, so that’s what your site should focus on.

Great website design starts with a robust strategy. Identify what you want your website to achieve, and who you are talking to, and then focus your content tightly on this objective. Not only does this make website navigation easier for the customer, but it also allows you to cut down the cost of your website when setting up an online store because you no longer need to pay for endless pages that your viewers don’t care about anyway.

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