Tips to upgrade your WFH experience

If working from home (WFH) is your new normal, so too are the aches, pains and headaches that come from being hunched over a laptop in a dark corner of the bedroom or a makeshift home office.

Shafeeqah Isaacs, head of consumer education at DirectAxis, explained how investing in a few bits of technology and other low-tech solutions can take away some of the frustration of working at home.

“If you’re one of them and working from home is a long-term reality, it’s time to chuck out the telephone directories you’ve been using to prop up your laptop, telling the kids to stop using all the bandwidth before your next Zoom meeting, save a bit of money on the chiropractor and invest in some decent tech.

“You’ll probably have a work-supplied laptop. The big advantage of laptops are they’re portable. You can work anywhere. The major drawback is that they’re an ergonomic disaster. Anyone who’s spent a few hours hunched over a tiny keyboard, squinting at a spreadsheet and doesn’t feel like they’ve been lifting bags of concrete either has rubber shoulders and wrists, or a very expensive physio.

“So many of us just adapted to working from home as a necessity, but perhaps didn’t give much thought to how we were setting up our workspaces and the potential implications, in terms of our own comfort and ability to do the job as efficiently and professionally as in the office.”


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