Types of Digital Printing Business

Digital Printing Products – T-shirt and Banner Screen Printing

One type of business that can be done with a Digital Printing Machine is t-shirt screen printing. How is it different from conventional screen printing? If conventional screen printing is subject to a minimum amount, for example a minimum order of 10 PCs, but unlike digital printing machines, customers can order only one or two PCs, because that is one of the advantages of digital printing machines.

Don’t always be left behind in terms of technology, because it can make your digital printing business also lag far behind your competitors. In this service business for printing t-shirts, customers can also bring their own designs with digital file formats.

The price is also cheaper because it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. The advantage of digital screen printing on t-shirts is that they are exclusive because they are limited in print.

Customers can design their own t-shirt images at will, or bring them from home. Customers only pay for plain t-shirts sold by our shop or even bring their own, so they only pay for the printing costs as has been done by Sablon Jogja.

The equipment needed to run a digital printing business is a type of digital t-shirt screen printing, including a graphic spec computer, an ordinary computer printing machine, but using special screen printing inks, and screen printing paper or transfer paper and an electric iron.

But you need to know, digital printing machines and their various types, not all digital printing machines can print images on all media. to find out the types of digital printing machines with various advantages and their functions are as follows:

Digital Printing Machine (Standard)

If you have this digital printing machine for your digital printing business, you can use it in the target market or target customers in the advertising field, this machine is very good for printing (“Banners, Xbanners, Billboards, Banners, etc.”).

Flatbed Printer Or UV Digital Printing Machine (Ultra Violet)

This machine is more special, has more advantages over standard digital printing machines. Its advantages among others are:

With a flatbed printer or UV digital printing machine you can print on paper and plastic media with good results, offset printing machines usually cannot easily and efficiently print on plastic, this is one of the advantages of UV printer machines.

With UV printing, the printing process can be done in one go or work process without having to do it repeatedly which is usually caused by waiting for the ink to dry.

Especially if you have to print metallic ink or produce a gloss-dull effect, the printer can use no polymer plates at all.

Generally, this type of printing is done on plastic, foil, synthetic, and static-cling materials. Print capabilities like this can greatly satisfy customers who care about premium design quality, and will be difficult to imitate by competitors and of course have a premium selling value as well.

Fabric Printing Machine Or Textile Printing Machine

Fabric Printing Machines or textile printing machines are machines that can print digitally on fabric or textile media. Technically there are two ways of printing on the cloth, directly (direct printing) printing on the cloth and indirectly (indirect printing) using an intermediary media, in this case it can usually be in the form of transfer paper.

Now for the digital printing business, printing t-shirts, fabrics, etc., you can use this type of digital printing machine. Of course, the digital printing business products they produce are also much more premium, you are ranked, digital printing machines can be (standard) in the 3rd order, UV digital printing machines or flatbed printers in the 2nd order, and these fabric printing machines or textile printing machines are in order first. Of course, every rank has different selling points.

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