Understanding Paper Bag And Its Function

Here’s the Paper Bag definition and its functions you need to know. Paper Bag is a type of contemporary bag that is booming. Not a type of fashion bag, but a versatile bag replacement from a plastic bag. Many models are accompanied by varied colors. Even more interesting from time to time, as evidence of the development of producer creativity. In general, the function of Paper Bag is the same as the function of a plastic bag.

Paper Bag is a simple bag made from paper. The paper used can be thick paper, namely hard cover paper, manila paper, rainbow paper, calendar paper, paperboard and other types of paper. The important thing is the paper is thick and not easily torn. For this reason the function of Paper Bag is much loved. It is simple and modern when taken rather than using a plastic bag.

The appearance of the Paper Bag clearly provides a practical function that is inevitable. We become easier to carry luggage, without fear of damage or fear of breaking down. Stronger and a lot more in size.

For Paper Bag, a small form is usually used for small items, namely packages of cosmetics, accessories, snacks, and / or for souvenirs for weddings. Whereas for large-sized Paper Bag used to carry books, paper, cloth, food and others. Certainly the weight of the goods carried is not large. Besides that Paper Bag is also often used to carry food. More practical and avoid the dangers of ingredients contained in plastic bags that we have been using.

Various Functions and Advantages of Paper Bag From Plastic Bags

The main appearance of the Paper Bag is to reduce the amount of plastic bag waste. You could say this is the main function of Paper Bag. Where as we know that so far we have too deified the use of plastic bags, both for putting things in the form of fashion items, food, drinks or anything else.

Plastic bags are also easy to tear so they are used only once and then thrown away. Be more and more piling up of plastic waste. Causes environmental pollution, because plastic waste is not easily broken down. It took 300 years to decipher it and it had not completely decomposed. For more details, here is the Paper Bag function that we will get:

Souvenir bag

Whether at weddings, seminars, or also when getting souvenirs from visiting newborn babies (baby jagong).


Some traders who use it are bread traders, salad, fried foods and so on.

The Most Practical Place to Bring Provisions

There is no need to carry a plastic bag again with only that color. More interesting to bring lunch with paper bags.

As a Business Promotion Event

You can now promote by attaching a brand to the Paper Bag body. Now this paper bag has become the best promotional media that can be designed according to what you want to promote. With some of these functions there are many advantages that we will also get, including:

  • More fashionable below than using a plastic bag or crackle.
  • Many variations in color
  • Many variations of the image
  • Easy to design
  • Durable, because it is not only used twice, it can be many times
  • Can make it yourself at home
  • The price is cheap, not much different from a crackle bag
  • A large selection of shapes and sizes
  • Environmentally friendly, because paper material can decompose quickly

Looking at the Paper Bag function and the benefits of many people who are now attracted by switching to Paper Bag instead of plastic bags. Not only get the benefits, but also get the practical and fashionable side. So much information about the meaning of Paper Bag and its functions.

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