Various kinds of digital T-shirt screen printing

  1. Direct To Garment (DTG)
    If the previous types of digital screen printing used intermediary media to transfer design images to t-shirts / fabrics, in DTG printing, designs were printed directly onto the shirt.
  2. Polyflex screen printing
    In polyflex digital screen printing, the artwork / design is set on a computer that is connected to a special machine. Furthermore, there are 2 types of processes that can be selected for polyflex screen printing, namely cutting and printing.
  3. Transfer Paper
    This digital transfer paper screen printing uses special paper as a medium to transfer artwork / design to the surface of the t-shirt. The design is printed using a printer onto transfer paper and then transferred to the surface of the t-shirt / fabric through a pressing process with a temperature of 100 -150oC. There are 2 types of paper used, namely, for light colored fabrics and for dark colored fabrics.
  4. Sublimasi (Sublimation)
    Like transfer paper screen printing, sublimation screen printing prints designs on sublimation paper using a commonly used home inkjet printer (with special modifications for certain brands), then pressed using a hotpress with a temperature of 200 – 250C. Sublimation screen printing uses special sublime ink, or for better quality you can use special sublimation paper.

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