Want to Print Brochures? Know in advance what type of paper is suitable for brochures

HVS Paper
Many are wondering, is it true that HVS paper can be used for brochures? Isn’t HVS paper only used for printing documents? HVS paper is commonly used to print various documents, such as letters, agreements, and theses. However, HVS paper can actually be used for a brochure.

The texture of HVS paper has fiber and is slightly rough. Why is it said to be used for brochures, because it has several sizes and thicknesses:

A4 size: Can be folded into 1 section or 2 pages), 2 sections or 4 pages, and 3 sections or 6 pages. Even this A4 size paper can be made with only 1 part that is a third of the original size.
Size A5: Can be folded into 1 section or 2 pages and also 2 sections or 4 pages.
A3 size: This size is actually rarely used for brochures. This is because the A3 size tends to be too large for a brochure. A3 paper size is suitable for a poster. Usually only printed on one side because the back is used to be pasted on a board or wall.

Art Paper
This paper has a slicker texture and is more glossy. Art paper is generally printed with a digital printing machine or commonly called an offset printing machine. Using art paper for brochures can give an elegant and more striking impression.

Besides being a brochure, art paper is also commonly used for restaurant menu books

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