Want to print large objects? Then you can’t beat this 3D printer deal

Never mind waiting for Black Friday at the very end of November, there are plenty of bargains out there already this month, and here’s a real tempter for those looking for a 3D printer capable of producing larger-sized objects.

Over at Gearbest, the Artillery Sidewinder-X1 has been reduced from its normal retail price of $568 down to $379 for the US model, or £445 down to £297 for those in the UK (ordering EU stock).

That represents a 33% discount, and this printer was already competitively priced for what it offers before that reduction.

The X1 is capable of printing objects up to a size of 300 x 300 x 400mm, and it’s very quiet in operation (buyer reviews seem to agree on this), plus it comes with some nifty touches such as a touchscreen control panel (which is great to see at this price level).

This is also a novice-friendly 3D printer which is very easy to setup, by all accounts (95% of the device is preassembled), and that never hurts. Build quality is reportedly good, again going by reviews, as is the print quality anecdotally.

And for just a few hundred notes, this certainly seems like a tempting proposition for those who might want to dip their toes into 3D printing waters.

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