What Are the Benefits of Packaging?

Packaging is the encasement of products in packages, protective wrappings or other external covering that can provide protection, information, security and marketing benefits. Common packaging materials include boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic, bags, cloth and cartons.


The basic benefit of packaging is the protection of goods to be sold. It prevents damage during transport and storage from the elements, vibration and compression through a physical layer of protection.


Packaging can provide information to a consumer regarding the product contents. This information may be promotional, factual or mandated by consumer law.


Products that contain multiple items use packaging to keep all items contained prior to purchase. Product containment also allows a product to be sold in larger quantities.

Size and Quantity

Packaging can control the size and quantity of a product. Portion control helps control inventory, create product consistency and can help regulate prices.


Packaging is the front line of marketing. Through design and marketing communications, packages can help sell a product and differentiate it from similar products. The packaging can also help promote product branding.


Product security can be provided through packaging. Packing can make items tamper-resistant, can help reduce theft and can help prevent harm from dangerous products.

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