What’s the Best Camera for Landscape Photography?

Despite what some people might think, great landscape photos can be captured on just about any camera these days. Smartphones, point-and-shoot compacts, and bridge cameras are all capable of outstanding results. However, they do lack a certain degree of functionality and versatility. For that reason, most landscape photography enthusiasts tend to invest in one of two popular systems – a digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) or Mirrorless camera. Both systems have their pros and cons; your decision will be dictated by versatility, preference and weight. Let’s take a look at some of the key things to consider, and what the best camera for landscape photography is currently.

If you are a landscape photographer who intends to shoot star trails, the Northern Lights or the Milky Way, higher ISO performance should be a consideration. Otherwise, you are unlikely to raise the ISO much above 400 when shooting landscape scenes, as you will normally be using a tripod and maximising image quality will be your top priority.

The features most important to landscape photographers when choosing a camera are megapixels (high-resolution cameras are capable of capturing exquisite, fine detail) and good dynamic range (for coping with high contrast scenes at dawn and dusk).

Most landscape photographers favour composing and fine-tuning their composition via LiveView, as this is another key function that should remain clear and usable even in low light situations.

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