The print quality and innovative ideas are the basis of reputation and our business


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The rich cultural hetirage of art and handicrafts is one of Indonesia's true national riches. Handicraft has now permeated every day household items, naturally, it has become Kapasari's most valuable trait.
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Kapasari's press room is complete with first class Heidelberg and Roland machines. Each press is equipped with Computer Print Control ( CPC ) and electronic plate scanning. 3 units of 6 colors plus coating, two unit of 4 color press and two units of 2 color press.
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Our Story

Kapasari means of Cotton in Indonesian. The name derived from the street name where it first set up in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1950. In an old Chinese school compound, a group of teachers establised a small company to cater to the town's printing needs.

why choose us.?

Customer Service

We always provide the best service to our clients.

High quality

Results mold and finishing products of high quality standards.


Loyal workers support and high integrity.


We are proud of the quality of our printing

How it workPT. Kapasari

We implemented strict quality control checking system in order to achieve and maintain high quality results.


We offer solutions in your design needs by conceptualizing your ideas to help you acquire an innovative design.


Our production not only prides itself in its quality and speed, but also in its versatility.

Final step

The final step of the production is done by our trained production people with upheld integrity and responsibility.

Portfolios of our production with high quality prints that are always for customer satisfaction