10 Web Design Tips For Musicians In 2020

If you’re frustrated because everything online keeps changing and evolving, you’re not the only one. Just about the time you think you have your online presence sorted, the platforms change just enough that you have to consider doing some updates in order to keep up. While this happens more in social media, it also happens on to your website as well. That’s why these web design tips for 2020 from my Social Media Promotion For Musicians book can be so essential to making sure that you keep not only your fans happy, but Google too.

1. Secure your site. Unless you site has a lock beside it’s URL and you’re using https://, you’ll find that some people will be wary of going beyond a quick bounce load.

2. Concentrate on speed. Most viewers will give up if they have to wait beyond 3 seconds for a site to load. Each platform is different in what it needs to decrease the load time, but there are numerous plugins available for WordPress sites. A CDN (content delivery network) like Cloudflare can also speed things up quite a bit, especially if your site is graphics and media-heavy.

3. Have a clear page header. The title of the page should tell the reader exactly what the page is about. Any confusion and they’ll move on in no time. Plus, Google will penalize you with a lower search ranking.

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