5 tips to pivot your business in anticipation of a second lockdown

Don’t accept defeat

First and foremost, don’t accept defeat, sit back and let it all happen. Be proactive! Having to change doesn’t equal failure. Change can bring a lot of positive things, so aim to both preserve and improve your brand. Take on the challenge and let your business thrive with a fresh start.

Get creative

Adapt your products, services and companies to the changes we are subjected to without losing your flair as a business. Utilise what you already have established in a creative manner. What aspects of your business or products could be slightly changed to provide important products or services to provide national aid? Look for gaps in the market and how your business can play into this whilst improving in order to overcome.

Re-think your business model

A solid strategy is the foundation for each business to be fruitful, yet in the midst of COVID, it is of much more noteworthy centrality to know precisely what will keep your clients returning regardless of what the pandemic brings us. Have a critical look at your product and clientele. Engage with your target audience both online and offline to find out what they need and value and adjust accordingly. Running a business is about solving problems. Pinpoint the ‘problem’ your clients have and how you can offer them a pandemic-proof solution.

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