7 Steps to Build a Recording Studio


There are a few ways I could go about sorting out my studio’s budget – I could spend incrementally, buying pieces I need as I can afford them, or, I could set aside a chunk of savings and craft an estimated number I’m willing to spend and work from there.

Budget Calculator

Both strategies have their obvious advantages and disadvantages, and which way you decide to go is entirely up to your own financial situation.

Either way, this won’t largely affect the end quality of my studio.

What will however, is how I prioritize my budget. It’s worth keeping in mind certain elements are going to cost more than others – a microphone is going to cost more than a microphone stand, I should hope – but for the most part, how much I spend on a specific building block should be determined by my ultimate goal.

I know that I won’t be recording multitrack, which allows me to save on my audio interface (because I’ll need less inputs) and microphones (because I’ll need less of them).

This money will instead be put towards a powerful set of studio monitors and virtual plugins, as I know that my focus will be on mixing, mastering and other semi-professional engineering tasks.

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