What Are the Benefits of Packaging?

Packaging is the encasement of products in packages, protective wrappings or other external covering that can provide protection, information, security and marketing benefits. Common packaging materials include boxes, Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic, bags, cloth and cartons. Protection The basic benefit of packaging is the protection of goods to be sold. It prevents damage during.

Pharmaceutical Boxes made with Superb Printing Capabilities

If you are looking to package your pharmaceutical products, look no more! Not only will your custom pharmaceutical boxes be top of the line and reliable, but it will also display all designs and text clearly, thanks to our high quality printing process. Your pharma packaging will help bring increase your brand awareness through trusted.

6 Eco-friendly, Sustainable Packaging Ideas for your Products

A number of consumers nowadays are environment-conscious and are demanding products delivered to them in eco-friendly and sustainable packages. As a result of the increasing consumer tastes, corporate demands, and potential government policies that may soon come into effect, environment-friendly packaging may not remain optional for a very long time. Streamlining your company’s packaging division.

The advantages of offset machines

Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. When used in combination with the lithographic process, which is based on the repulsion of oil and water, the offset technique employs a flat (planographic) image carrier on which the image to be printed.

Corrugated Inkjet Market is Thriving

Growing interest in customization, regionalization are leading to shorter runs in the corrugated segment. Digital printing brings numerous advantages, including the ability to customize and regionalize products. This is seen in markets as diverse as wide format to direct mail. While corrugated printing has typically been used for more high volume products, inkjet is playing.

5 Awesome Packaging Layout

  Packaging is something we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. So creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for years is a real challenge, especially with design trends now demanding biodegradable or renewable packaging. Now more than ever, packaging design matters. The designs below show the direction in which many different industries are focusing their packaging.