Consumers Are Choosing Brands That Support the Earth

More than ever, consumers have become the swinging voters of product success. Most people are choosing companies that take a stand on important social, cultural, environmental and political issues.

That’s according to an online survey of nearly 30,000 people by Accenture Strategy, conducted across 35 countries between August and October 2018.

From compostable doggy poo bags and bamboo toothbrushes to plastic bag bans and electric cars, businesses are standing up to the challenge as consumers flex their muscles.

The study found that nearly two thirds of consumers prefer to buy goods and services from companies whose values align with theirs.

Specifically, more than 60% of respondents said they gravitate towards businesses committed to reducing plastics and improving the environment.

Half of those surveyed said they prefer companies that stand up for societal and cultural issues and related causes – not just paying lip service to those causes; authenticity is also highly valued.

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