Fight Plastic Waste, KFC Bali Use Paper Bag

Hendra Yuniarto, General Marketing Manager of PT Fast Food Indonesia Tbk, when met in Denpasar on Friday (5/7), said that currently all KFC outlets in three major cities in Indonesia, namely Bali, Jambi and Banjarmasin, have already replaced their plastic bags with plastic office or paper bag.

He admitted, when the government issued a policy on disposable plastic bags, KFC could not immediately execute it to immediately stop using plastic bags.

First, it requires socialization to consumers about the policy. Secondly, KFC must find the best solution to hold a paper bag, coordinate, communicate with the supplier of paper bags about the manufacturing process, the number of needs, continuity and so on.

“We do not want to stop immediately because we are worried about complaints from customers. While on the other hand we have to find a solution to procure a paper bag, where the suppliers are, how are the raw materials and so on. So we need 6 months to hold a paper bag while spending the stock of existing plastic bags.

Since the end of June 2019, we made sure that the disposable plastic bag stock at KFC was zero. And we have switched to paper bag. In the meantime it has been implemented in three cities in Indonesia, namely Bali, Banjarmasin and Jambi. While other cities in Indonesia will soon follow in the not too distant future, “he said.

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