Graphic Design Trends For 2020

At the end of every year at Nationwide Print, we take a moment to look ahead to the graphic design trends which will be filtering down to our state-of-the-art printing presses in the next 12 months. It takes a while for cutting-edge design concepts to percolate down to the level of functional print, but we are already quite excited by what we see. We’re looking forward to watching colour gradients, playful illustrations, sophisticated typography and organic shapes flowing off our presses in 2020.

Plus, there is a strong environmental leaning to design this year, which we’re pretty thrilled about given our own green credentials. Nature is big for 2020, as brand managers and lead creatives seek to emphasize environmental credentials and appeal to young audiences. In the face of growing alarm about the state of the climate, and the impact of technology on society, reconnecting with nature is becoming a major preoccupation and design is increasingly reflecting that.

If you’d like to dive into this new world order yourself, check out our friends at Leap. We are proud to work with this B Corp Certified ‘design for change’ agency on a regular basis, creating a low-impact feedback loop for businesses who put the environment first.

We know from past experience that some hotly tipped trends will catch on and others won’t, so we have selected those that we think have both style and substance. So, why not take a moment to digest these creative concepts and reflect on how you might incorporate them into your communications strategy in the year ahead? Then get in touch, we’d love to help!

Colour Trends

For some clients we’re seeing a return to muted, harmonious tones and natural imagery (lots of brands are using striking stock images which celebrate nature at its most remote and majestic). However, others are reveling in the vibrant application of bright colour they are able to achieve with our print technology, pairing this with a minimal design feel. Talking of palate, Dulux have helpfully come up with an antidote to our “increasingly disconnected” world in the calming hazy green tones of ‘Tranquil Dawn’, their Colour of the Year for 2020. Australian creative duo Jack & Huei went a step further, hijacking Pantone’s annual Colour of the Year announcement to make a statement about the impact of the environmental crisis on the coral reef: last year Pantone choose Living Coral, and ‘Bleached Coral’ (a very pale blue shade, which matches the colour of dead coral) was the natural repost. Pantone in the end went for ‘Classic Blue’, a reassuringly familiar colour at the start of a new, probably very turbulent, decade.


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