Infusing Culture into Craft Packaging Design

“One of the reasons we started a craft brewing company in the first place was due to the lack of accessibility of premium craft beer in communities of color,” explains Teo Hunter, COO and head of brewing operations for Crowns & Hops Brewing Co.

He says it’s easy enough to find craft beer at Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, and Trader Joe’s but, “as soon as you start going into the inner city, you don’t see any of those establishments. You barely see grocery stores, and those grocery stores are inundated with mass marketed beer that don’t have the quality attributes we would hope people would identify the same way Beny and I did.

“It’s amazing to see what has been accomplished over the past six-years. Our efforts to push and truly achieve racial equity in the craft beer industry is being realized on so many levels. From Black beer influencers promoting the industry, to business owners that are now opening craft beer establishments from breweries to bars. We’re honored to be at the forefront of this movement. Black people have contributed to the beverage industry for generations. It’s like a full circle moment for us to now shine a light on these contributions along with leading the charge on cultural ownership in craft beer.”


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