Hardly a day passes by without the topic of sustainability being discussed in the media. As a result, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability issues whilst expecting their brands to keep up with their changing attitudes.

French brand owner Charcupac was facing this dilemma when they contacted Bemis, a key player on the flexible films market. They wanted to revamp their processed meat packaging sustainably whilst standing out on the supermarket aisle.

Charcupac’s Chairman, Fabrice-Levy explains, “The objective was to differentiate our offering and to bring originality through the packaging, that reflects the more traditional and ‘behind the counter’ appeal. We partnered with Bemis who delivered both a technical and visual solution.”

Sales Manager for France at Bemis, Sylvain Pendaries, took the lead on this project between Charcupac and Bemis. He shares, “The partnership with the customer was built around three main topics : listening, teamwork and packaging expertise. Listening to the customer needs allowed us to define an offer and answer 100 per cent of their expectations. A dynamic exchange was created to launch this new Charcupac products range in just a few weeks.”

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