Paper Choices Case Study

The Specifications

Together, my client and I compiled the following list of specifications for the book:

340 pages plus cover
Trim Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
Cover ink: 4CP + PMS match gold ink + dull lay-flat film laminate / 4CP; with bleeds
Text ink: K/K, without bleeds
12pt. C2S cover, white
Text stock: 70# Finch Vellum Vanilla Text, 364 ppi, or 55# Sebago IV Antique C/W, 360 ppi
French flaps on cover to extend over text (trim twice); score/fold for a 3.5” flap on front and back.
Deckled edges on the foredge of the text block
Perfect bind on 8.5” side with cover press score

To achieve the best possible look for this volume, I suggested a 12 pt. cover stock (thicker than many other perfect-bound print book covers that are often only 10 pt.). Thicker stock will probably be perceived by the reader (subconsciously) as being of higher value. I also used my caliper to measure the thickness of the cover stock on a sample given to me by my client. I wanted to make sure the 12 pt. cover paper I specified would actually match my client’s sample.