Small Posters Can Still Be Awesome\

A Description of the Poster

First of all, this small poster is a bold, colorful ad for American Ultra. The movie seems to be fun and flashy, about a stoner teen who is unaware that he has been trained by the CIA to be a killing machine. If you look at the hairstyles in the small poster; the clothing; even the red, white, blue, and yellow color scheme; you’re likely to get flashbacks from the ’60s. It has that kind of a vibe.

From a purely technical point of view, the poster comprises a layer of adhesive, then a four-color image, then what appears to be a white layer, then a clear plastic substrate. So it’s not technically speaking a static cling. Rather the adhesive (on the face as opposed to the back of the cling) makes the poster stick to the box office window interior, facing outward. It also appears to be repositionable, since I had to adjust the poster a bit. What this means is that the glue is adequate for adhesion but forgiving as well.

Why the Poster Works

In the real estate business, they say that the three most important aspects of a property are “location, location, and location.” I would extend this concept to advertising (or more specifically a poster). This particular poster (as per the requirements of the movie standee installation company) had to be affixed to the box office window. What that means is that everyone who buys a ticket for any movie in that particular theater will see the poster for American Ultra.