Conversation Marketing Helps You Engage your Customers

Marketing has been taking some twists and turns over the years — with Google’s decision to discontinue Google Plus providing the only seemingly simple choice to marketers; removing a platform from a marketing plan.   But the twists and turns have increased the complexity of simply speaking to customers about products or services. Instead of providing the traditional one way message to customers, marketers must now seek a conversation with customers.

But what conversations are meaningful?  How do those conversations change branding and sales tactics?

What Is Conversation Marketing About?

The idea of a marking funnel is fast falling out of fashion and marketers are feeling the pressure to engage the customer as never before. Lund offers a number of chapters broken into themed sections.

In the chapter on Planning, for example, Lund explains the value of earning attention, telling a story,  staying humble, and picking a party.

What I liked about Conversation Marketing

I thought the chapter Stay Humble was the most interesting and offered more five-star strategic tips than any ad hoc online post. Here Lund explains how suppressing one’s “id” makes needed conversations with customers more engaging and draws response.

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