Helping Customers Make Smarter Decisions About Their Brochures and Other Collateral

When customers make an order, they’re often in a rush. That’s no great revelation. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder about the things they’re forgetting to consider.

For example, how a customer plans to actually use a brochure should play a big role in choosing physical features like its size, paper quality, and type of coating.

But I also think our customers can zip right by these considerations because they’re consumed with the copywriting and graphic design. 

My company has blogged about the importance of customers being well-organized with their printing projects. Yet we all know that some habitually function behind the 8-ball. 

But all is not lost. When we can get involved early enough in our customers’ brochure planning process, we can understand how they plan to use the brochure. And that’s when we have an opportunity to serve as a print advisor as much as a print provider. 

The best way to show you what I mean is to throw out some examples.


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