How to choose the right supplier for your business

In the case of choosing suppliers of raw materials or finished goods that you will resell to fulfill orders from customers, quality must be the basis of measurement in choosing business suppliers. If the quality of the product is poor, then it is certain that the product you will produce or resell is the same. It’s best not to be tempted by cheap prices or costs in determining your business supplier.

The business you are running is expected to last a long time. The quality of raw materials and merchandise to be resold will be the main bet. Customers will re-make a second purchase only when they are satisfied with the quality obtained at their first purchase.

Noting the Track Record

Don’t be hasty in choosing the best supplier for your business. Try to be more careful in finding information sources related to business suppliers from buying and selling forums, communities, marketplaces, and so on. One of the easiest ways to find out the credibility of these suppliers is to look at the track record of buyers who have transacted with these suppliers.

Some marketplaces sometimes do not include a contact person and only through the live chat feature. You can contact the supplier through the features, then ask for the contact number that can be contacted. Make sure that the supplier can be contacted at any time when you will order.

Calculate Supplier Capability

It is very important for you to recalculate the ability of suppliers to fulfill orders. The reason is, some suppliers claim to be able to complete the ordered order, but in the end they are unable to finish it completely. Supplier capability is certainly different in terms of production and distribution. Thus, choose a business supplier who is able to resolve with punctuality that can be accounted for.

Considering Supplier Consistency

Consistency of suppliers in fulfilling orders greatly influences the availability of stock in the business you are in. Make sure you choose a supplier that has the ability to provide consistency in your business. If in the middle of the road the business supplier is unable to deliver the raw materials you need, of course your business credibility is at stake.

In addition to studying the supplier’s track record, you also need to carefully consider the things that could affect the consistency of business suppliers in fulfilling orders, such as distance, facilities and infrastructure owned, to the amount of labor they have.

Ask for Sample Products

If you are still unsure of the quality and quantity that can be fulfilled by the supplier, it is a good idea to ask for sample products for each category of raw material or finished goods. This can convince you to make further decisions. If the sample product is of good quality, you still should not be complacent. Don’t hesitate to re-check the product quality on the next order.

Study the Product Return Policy

In running a business partnership with a supplier, you need to learn the details of the applicable product return policy. In some cases, product returns occur because the material or goods delivered by the supplier have damage or defects. For this reason, you must know the policies that apply before finally making a transaction. Studying the product return policy carefully can also prevent future unwanted losses.

Choose a Supplier with Quick Response Service

After pocketing all the contact information needed, you can do a simple test regarding the service from the supplier. Start testing small orders. Then, see how well the service is provided, as quickly as they respond when contacted by customers, and how they handle customer complaints. You should prioritize suppliers with responsive services, so that if needed at any time they can be relied upon.

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