Seven Kinds Of Printer Types And Their Functions

The printer functions to print documents or photos which are now widely used by companies, schools and printing businesses. Its function, which can convert text and graphic documents from digital to physical form, is utilized by business actors, especially printing and photocopying.

For now, printer technology has developed rapidly. Starting from the beginning only for printing documents and photos, now there are also those that can be scanned and copied. But did you know that this printer has several types with different ways of working.

Not only that, it turns out that some of these types of computers also have different functions. Therefore, you must be able to identify the type of printer so you don’t buy it wrong.

  1. Inkjet Printer
    The first type is an Inkjet Printer. This type of printer that we often encounter in everyday life. This inkjet printer squirts ink onto paper and forms an image. For the ink that is used by itself it is stored in the ink cartridge. The advantage of this printer is that it is very supportive when used for multimedia. This is because this inkjet printer has excellent graphic quality.
  2. Laserjet printers
    The next type is a laser jet printer. As the name implies, this printer uses a laser in the printing process. The use itself is done with a laser irradiated on a device such as a drum to create a pattern for the image to be printed. For its own advantages, this laser printer has a faster print process than inkjet printers with high-quality results.
  3. LED / LCD printer
    The LED / LCD printer is one of the printers that we will review next. Has almost the same specifications as a laser printer, but has the difference that this LED / LCD uses a light-emitting diode. This printer can produce good print quality for text and documents.
  4. Dot Matrix Printer
    The next type is a dot matrix printer. This printer uses ribbons and tightly arranged pin sets to print letters and other characters. The way this printer works is similar to a typewriter and has a print speed of 50 to 500 characters per second.
  5. Solid Ink Printer
    Solid ink printers use pre-waxed ink. The way it works itself is to melt the ink and then it is accommodated in a place and then transferred to a kind of drum and will cool the ink before printing onto the paper media.
  6. Thermal Printer
    Thermal printers are printers that are usually used for shopping cashiers or fax machines. This thermal printer works by taking a roll of paper which then turns dark when heated.

The print mechanism itself is to pull the paper next to the print head which contains a sophisticated electronic heater, and is capable of producing simple text and graphics on the paper. Thermal printers do not require ink, toner, or other supplies, so they are easy to use and maintain.

  1. All In One (Multifunction) Printer
    The last type of printer is the All In One or Multifunction Printer. This printer illustrates a versatile type of device, in the sense that it is not only used for document printing tools but also for scanners, faxes, telephones and others.

This is information about various types of printers. Hopefully this information can be useful for those of you who are looking for a printer so that you don’t choose it wrong.

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