The Best Food Packaging Design

MADE Coffee

Everything looks enchanting when covered in pastel colors, especially this soft blue and vermillion orange color scheme.

But Made Coffee, which utilizes these hues, adds an air of strength through its strong typography and detailed custom illustrations upon the packaging design.

The sky blue hue acts as the negative space and sets a calm yet trendy tone for the rest of the design.

It leads customers’ eyes towards the center of the can, where modern typography creates a recognizable logo design.

The small serif accents and the strikethrough line that flows through the heart of the word adds strength to the serene design without throwing the aesthetic off balance.

Though hugely different in value, the accent of navy blue creates a modern air through geometric patterns. A splendid choice of pink and an orange finally round out the design and complement the color scheme.

The detailed explanatory line art illustration represents the path that coffee goes through before being packaged in the can.

This is not just a stylish way of representing the brewing process to the customer, but it’s also a visual asset that the company smartly invested in.

This is a great food packaging design example of how incorporating an interesting and intricate illustration can capture consumer’s attention. After all, the more they focus on the product, the better the brand recognition.

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