Top 10 tips for designing a modern office

1. Open up the space

Office design open space

No matter how big or small the space you’re working with is, you can always make the most of it by introducing a more open plan layout. If this means knocking down office partitions, dismantling individual cubes or completely rearranging the desk layout, do it. Not only does an open office layout make the most of the space you have, and can in some cases make the area seem bigger, it also offers employees more room to collaborate.

This helps you work towards building a more efficient workforce, with employees who feel like they have more freedom and space to communicate with and work as a team.

2. Introduce more light

There’s no better work space than a bright, airy environment. Natural light is proven to make people happier and more productive, which can only be useful when it comes to building an efficient workforce. Ensuring that your office space allows in as much natural light as possible means ditching the shades and creating an overall more inviting environment. After all, it’s important to make your office somewhere that employees are happy and comfortable to spend their days in.

Reducing the need for artificial lighting can also help to lower energy costs in the long run, making more spare cash available to focus on other elements of the office.

3. Consider glass office partitions

Bentleys - Glass Office Partitions

One of the best ways to keep an office up-to-date with the modern world is by introducing more glass (although we might be biased). We’ve all seen the huge, modern glass-fronted sky-scrapers in city centres and the interior glass elements that compliment. Many offices around the world are picking up on this trend and realising that the more glass, the better.Glass partitioning systems are a great idea for modern offices that want to maximise the amount of natural lighting whilst also creating a more open workspace and keeping an element of privacy. It’s a great alternative to solid walls and doors when it comes to dividing an office and creating private areas for meetings etc. The best thing about glass partitions is that they don’t disrupt the design of an office, and can instead be used to enhance it.

4. Create break-out spaces


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