4 Easy Tips for Attractive and Effective Packaging

Post Information that Describes the Product

Consumers need information about the products in the package. Starting from the type of product, product function, suitability and suitability of the product with consumers, product composition, and legality. Not to forget that packages should also include visual information.

After you know the main points, then the quality of the writing is next. You must choose a font that is easy to read, the layout must match the writing space, and the font color must also be contrasted with the background color.


The functional point is that the package concept must match the product. For example, if the packaged product is quite heavy, the package design must have a handle, or if the packaged product is made of glass, the package design must be safe if it is slammed.

Not only that, to make packaging that is attractive and effective, the size must match the product being packaged. If the product is small, then don’t use a package that is too large, because it can cause disappointment to the buyer due to a size mismatch.

Selective Choosing Material

The quality of the material is quite important to consider because of the suitability of the product that must be considered earlier. If the material is not considered, it can cause malfunction. For example, if the packaged product is heavy enough, but the strength of the material is not able to withstand the weight of the product, the packaging will be damaged.

If the product is food, the quality of the material plays a very big role. Is the selected material safe in contact with food, can the material withstand liquids, and so on. This is why you have to be selective in choosing materials.

Conceptual Package Design According to the Product

Lastly is the package design. If the package is for women, then it’s better to use a color that suits women, as well as for men. In essence, you have to pay attention to the suitability of materials, products and potential buyers.

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