4 Tips on How to Read Good and Right

Reading is not just about writing a text. Reading is the process of understanding a text so that it can be understood, remembered, and applied. So, in life we ​​need to learn to read twice. First we learn to sound the writing. The second we learn to understand a reading. Well, many miss learning to understand this reading. We must know how to read properly and correctly so that we can understand the entire contents of the reading. What are some? Let’s take a look at the first one:


Ask about things you don’t understand in the text. If there is a difficult word. If the meaning of the reading is not easy to understand, ask someone who is more skilled or if necessary ask the author. That way, you will better understand the reading.


As you read, try not to repeat the sentences you just read. It will reduce your reading speed. Well, to anticipate this, you have to concentrate on reading.


Choose the books you will read wisely. Look at the title of the book, the writing on the back cover, the table of contents, the opening sentence, and skim through the contents. This is necessary so that you don’t regret buying or borrowing the book from the library. It is very time consuming and costly.


Discuss the book you are reading with your friends who are also reading the book. That way, you can exchange understanding between friends, thereby increasing your understanding.

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