U.S. Steel Tariffs Are Making Waves As Far Away As Turkey And Malaysia

Increased tariffs designed to protect the U.S. steel industry are starting to have international repercussions in unexpected places with Malaysia launching an anti-dumping investigation into steel imported from Turkey, a country hit hard by the changed U.S. import rules. What’s upset Malaysia’s steel industry is a flood of cheap steel from Turkey that used to.

Problems and Prospects for 5G Deployment in the United States

In recent weeks several major developments affecting the roll out of 5G systems in the United States highlight the promise and the difficulties for near-term deployment of this transformative technology. British intelligence issued a report signaling its deep suspicions about the security of Huawei’s 5G system, which reinforces the view in the U.S. that the Chinese company.

Here’re the Technological Innovations that Manufacturing Industry Should Adopt

The advancing technology has eased the lives of people in a big way. From morning till bedtime, one engages with technology to complete daily errands such as cooking, washing clothes and shopping. With the increasing reliance on technology, companies are adopting high-tech tools to render faster and better services to customers. In efforts to gain.

5 Top AI Trends

Here are 5 significant artificial intelligence trends to look forward to that will affect myriad industries on an international scale led by giant tech companies that are now investing huge sums in artificial intelligence research. Last year, implementations of AI rose significantly in so many platforms, tools and applications around the world, impacting healthcare, education and.

LA’s industrial market is tops among foreign investors in US: report

The Los Angeles area industrial market is still having its moment, and the draw isn’t just from U.S. investors. China and Canada are also big buyers. Industrial investment from China and Canada reached an all-time high in the U.S., accounting for 70 percent of 2018’s total foreign investment. Total foreign investment almost tripled last year.

With Millennials In Mind, Outdoor Retailer REI Doubles Down On Rentals And Used Gear Sales

In the latest sign that sustainability is the retail industry’s big trend, specialty outdoor gear retailer REI is “significantly” expanding its rental and used gear sales programs and trade-in options. While REI, known for its co-op membership model, has historically hosted in-store “garage” sales a few times a year to resell gently used products that customers.

Bitcoin, BlackRock And The Rise Of Alternatives

s news circulates that indexing giant BlackRock is reorganizing itself with an emphasis on higher-fee alternative assets, a few are beginning to believe that bitcoin could ultimately find its place among these nontraditional assets. Change comes slowly to institutional investors like pensions funds. In the 1950s and 1960s, pensions mostly shunned stocks in favor of bonds. Today,.

Primed For Growth, German Battery Maker Akasol AG Is Coming To America

As electric vehicles (EVs) begin to take off in the worldwide pursuit of reducing CO2 emissions, AKASOL AG of Germany has positioned itself as a key battery supplier, primarily for commercial vehicles. They specialize in liquid-cooled, compact battery systems. Most of the company’s current market is in Europe, where more and more cities are mandating the transition to.