With Millennials In Mind, Outdoor Retailer REI Doubles Down On Rentals And Used Gear Sales

In the latest sign that sustainability is the retail industry’s big trend, specialty outdoor gear retailer REI is “significantly” expanding its rental and used gear sales programs and trade-in options. While REI, known for its co-op membership model, has historically hosted in-store “garage” sales a few times a year to resell gently used products that customers.

Bitcoin, BlackRock And The Rise Of Alternatives

s news circulates that indexing giant BlackRock is reorganizing itself with an emphasis on higher-fee alternative assets, a few are beginning to believe that bitcoin could ultimately find its place among these nontraditional assets. Change comes slowly to institutional investors like pensions funds. In the 1950s and 1960s, pensions mostly shunned stocks in favor of bonds. Today,.

Primed For Growth, German Battery Maker Akasol AG Is Coming To America

As electric vehicles (EVs) begin to take off in the worldwide pursuit of reducing CO2 emissions, AKASOL AG of Germany has positioned itself as a key battery supplier, primarily for commercial vehicles. They specialize in liquid-cooled, compact battery systems. Most of the company’s current market is in Europe, where more and more cities are mandating the transition to.

Consumers Are Choosing Brands That Support the Earth

More than ever, consumers have become the swinging voters of product success. Most people are choosing companies that take a stand on important social, cultural, environmental and political issues. That’s according to an online survey of nearly 30,000 people by Accenture Strategy, conducted across 35 countries between August and October 2018. From compostable doggy poo bags and.

Important Steps To Shaping A Healthier Future Of Food

According to the US department of health, about 50% of adults in America struggle with preventable chronic diseases. Many of these diseases were reported to be related to physical inactivity and poor eating habits. These range from cardiovascular diseases to poor bone health,  to type 2 diabetes. Work done by May and colleagues (2012) showed that the.

China Tells Indians To Work “9-9-6” To Catch Up With Them — It Won’t Work

Rather than boycotting products manufactured in China, China is urging Indians to work long hours to catch up with them in manufacturing. That’s according to a recent Globaltimes article, in response to Indian protests against Chinese-manufactured products. “Many Chinese workers have embraced the “9-9-6” culture, while many billionaires in China work even longer hours,” writes.

The U.S. Jobs Report Doesn’t Show The Whole Picture, But This Does

Even after another strong jobs report today, views on the US labor market remain polarized. Some argue it’s as strong as it’s ever been: the unemployment rate sits at record low levels, the manufacturing sector is creating jobs again, and wage growth has picked up. Others counter that wage growth remains too weak and unevenly distributed.

The Future Of Wall Street: Fintech 50 2019

There’s a fintech revolution going on inside Wall Street’s biggest firms. At asset management giants from Blackrock to Third Point, banks such as Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, and financial service behemoths Nasdaq, MetLife and American Express, upstart fintech firms are revolutionizing the way they operate. These blue-chip institutions are both users and investors in the most.

Why Uber Lacks A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

What Is a Sustainable Competitive Advantage? Competitive advantage is measured by profit share — a company’s share of an industry’s profits. This definition means that a competitive advantage is impossible if an industry lacks profitability. And based on the financial results of Lyft and Uber, there are no profits to be had in the ride-sharing industry..