Koenig & Bauer Durst Delta SPC 130 FlexLine Automatic

The Delta SPC 130 is based on the latest generation of single-pass printing systems that Durst is already using successfully in the ceramics and label-printing segments.

With the Delta SPC 130, Durst is now adapting its Single-Pass technology for the corrugated industry. The System combines a well-engineered mechanical design with easily accessible sub-assemblies and selected components to guarantee durable quality, high performance and reliability. The Delta SPC 130 is equipped with Durst’s SPC drop-on-demand print head technology and has a non-hazardous ink system and an IR/UV drying process designed for high productivity.

The Delta SPC 130 can be configured with up to 6 colors, printing any length of corrugated cardboard or paper media of up to 12mm in thickness. The printing system offers unrivaled versatility, low maintenance requirements and 24/7 dependability.

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